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The Masters

7th Dan

  • John Kacvinsky

    Master Kacvinsky has been training in Taekwon-Do for over 30 years and currently holds a rank of seventh degree.  He has competed at a state, regional and national level in both United States Taekwon-Do Union (USTU) Olympic-style sparring and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) point fighting.

6th Dan

  • Conrad Pfeifer

    Master Pfeifer began his martial arts training as a young teenager and achieved a brown belt status. He also studied Chinese Gung Fu until college. After college, he studied Aikido for two years; then, in 1985, he re-entered the International Taekwon-Do Federation as a white belt. He has been practicing Taekwon-Do continuously since then. Master Pfeifer achieved his 6th Dan in April, 2016.

    Master Pfeifer is an expert in self-defense tactics.

  • Richard Yoest

    After receiving his first degree black belt from I. K. Kim Taekwon-Do in Cincinnati, Ohio in March, 1988, Master Yoest moved to the area and began working with Master Zang in 1998. He earned his Master's status in April, 2002 and received his re-certification with Zang TKD in October, 2009.  Master Yoest achieved his 6th Dan in April, 2016.

    Master Yoest won the division title at the U.S. Open at Charleston University in February, 2002.

5th Dan

  • Dr. Richard Kim

    Master Kim has been training in martial arts for many years and received his first degree Black Belt in Mu Duk Kwon, WTF Style Taekwon-Do, in 1987.  He began training with Master Zang in 1999, and he re-certified his first degree Black Belt in 2000.  Master Kim received his Master's status in 2009; he recently earned his fifth degree Black Belt.

  • Mike Shurina

    Master Shurina began his martial arts career in 1984 and currently holds the rank of 5th Dan.  He is a former state, regional and international competitor.  He trained and competed in both sport Karate (NASKA, NBL) and Olympic-Style Taekwon-Do (USTU, AAU) competitions; he is a two-time USTU Junior Olympic Gold Medalist (1988 & 1989) and was the International NBL World Karate Champion, 1992. 

    In addition, he was featured on the cover of SPORT KARATE magazine (March / May 1993) and is a former member and captain of the "Metro All Star International Karate Team."

    Master Shurina has trained numerous police and law enforcement officers in defensive tactics and use of force.

4th Dan

  • John Bahorich
  • Shane Bahorich *
  • Surahbi Beriwal
  • Sanjit Beriwal *
  • Andrew Biddle
  • Nick Colovos
  • Michael Funovits
  • Dr. Dan Greenler
  • Aaron Hall
  • Monica Lynn
  • Nicolas Lynn
  • Sofia Lynn *
  • Matt Marshall
  • Alex Pasco
  • Lisa Poepoe
  • Jamie Poepoe *
  • Jessie Poepoe *
  • Johnnie Lyn Poepoe *
  • Scotty Poepoe *
  • Ryan Pugh
  • Matthew Reese
  • Amelia Reese *
  • Xavier Reese *
  • Ryan Schmeltzer *
  • Kevin Sciullo
  • Derek Seitz
  • George Shirk IV
  • Rachel Spear *
  • Greg Spirk
  • Dana Stuber
  • Donna Timko
  • Hunter Timko
  • Scott Timko
  • Zach Timko
  • Nathan Walker
  • Yosen Wang *
  • Christopher Wolden